CMLS Sends Letter to MLS Issues and Policy Committee

Hello Fellow CMLS Members!  First, our thanks for your participation on our web meeting on the recommended changes to IDX Policy.  The call was a huge success and we look forward to hosting future on-line meetings on important topics.  Below you will find a link to the letter that has been sent to the MLS Issues and Policy Committee, sharing the feedback from the call and our recommendations.

Please review the letter and post your comments to continue the conversation.

Many Thanks,
Merri Jo


Merri Jo Cowen, 2011 CMLS President


IDX PAG to MLS Policy from CMLS- 11.2.11







2 Responses to “CMLS Sends Letter to MLS Issues and Policy Committee”
  1. Jim Harrison says:

    Well written letter;I especially like the point that:
    “As NAR has provided policy that requires MLS’s to adhere to the latest
    specification of RETS, the standard as published by RESO should be relied upon to
    frame data transport mechanisms, not the IDX policy”.

  2. David Charron says:

    Very nicely done CMLS and Merri Jo!